About Nevina

Nevina’s work is an exploration into the use of colour, space and hard-edge geometric abstraction. Pushing the boundaries between painting and the object. Experimenting with a variety of materials in order to achieve the desired results. The processes that Nevina uses are informed and driven by social questioning and observation on the society in which we live. Influenced by industrial objects, architecture and landscapes.

She is on a journey of self-discovery and the information that is gathered will continue to develop her research and experimentation into colour application. Bringing colour, environmental space and people together.

Nevina studied Fine Art at Manchester school of Art and achieved a Masters degree in Public Art at the University of Essex. She has exhibited in many group shows most recently in Norwich, Colchester and Ipswich. Other group exhibitions have been in London, Kings Lynn, Stratford Upon Avon, Aldeburgh and the University of Essex. Nevina also has a degree in Further and Higher Education and has taught Fine Art in Northern colleges.